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We’re not against technology, but rather for connections that feel good. We’re not against screens, but rather for you putting them down more often. Quizzes, challenges, 24 h unplugged and more. Find out what PAUSE has in store for you to help you stay in control of your screen use.

Are you in control of your phone?

Answer 5 questions to assess your smartphone use.

6 tips to get the most out of the 24h

Past participants share their tips!

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PAUSE 6 tips to get the most out of your 24h screen-free

Congrats, it takes courage to set aside your screens!

PAUSE congratulates everyone who participated in the 24h of PAUSE challenge, whether they were able to unplug for the whole day or not!

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Challenges to better manage  your connections

PAUSE offers 18 challenges to encourage better screen use and help you unplug more often.

Discover the challenges

We have tools for you

Resources to help you

Here is a list of available resources if you or a family member needs support to better manage Internet and screen use.

Tools to take action

Discover the downloadable PAUSE tools to help you improve your digital habits, alone or as a family. Check out our app suggestions to better manage your screen use!

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Being aware of the time spent online is the key to digital balance.