For professionals

The PAUSE team, supported by its committee of experts, provides tools and information to help professionals in different settings accompany youth, both to prevent the harmful effects associated with Internet and screen use and to support those who are more at risk.

Tools and activity guides

6-12 year-olds

PAUSE Activity kit

Fun and ready-to-use activities to raise awareness among youth about the benefits of having a balanced screen use.

Activity sheet for the Are you hooked on tech? quiz

A fun 10-question quiz for youth to help them better understand their relationship with screens. Profile according to their answers (Hyper-connected, Unplugged when you feel like it, or Consciously connected) and as a bonus, tips for screen use that feels good.

Available only as a PDF.

Risk factors and appropriate interventions

Know the risk factors in order to identify at-risk individuals and develop prevention interventions adapted to their needs.

Why is it easy to develop unbalanced Internet use?

Know and understand the Internet’s potential for addiction and its impact on brain function.

Advice and tips to take action

List of ways to take a break from the Internet and screens, regain control and foster balance.

PAUSE: Facts and advice for parents

Fact sheet containing stats and facts about hyperconnectivity as well as information and practical advice for parents.

PAUSE: 10 challenges and 10 facts

Fact sheet for young people containing 10 challenges to regain control of screen time and 10 interesting facts about Internet and screen use.

Resources directory

Tool for clinical evaluation of cyberaddiction, list of organizations in prevention and intervention in cyberaddiction, applications promoting a better management of the use of the Internet, books and interesting reading on the subject of hyperconnectivity.