The 24h unplugging events

Unplugging regularly, for a few minutes or a couple of hours, feels good, but doing it for an entire day allows you to really slow down and enjoy screen-free activities. Simple and not competitive, the 24h PAUSE events are also the perfect opportunity to realize the place technology occupies in your daily life so you can then reconnect more consciously.

The youth unplugging event

Every third Sunday of November, teens and young adults are invited to participate and take a 24h PAUSE. Whether they’re at school, in training or at work, they can sign up and personalize their unplugging experience by choosing their formula. Tips to discover and prizes to win!

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In May, let’s "PAUSE" screens as a family

Screens are a part of the lives of today’s families, and that’s a good thing, but they could benefit from unplugging more often. Spending 24h screen-free is a challenge for both children and parents! And it’s an invitation to spend great moments together without any digital distractions. Tips to discover and prizes to win!

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