The Internet is part of our everyday lives, and that’s a good thing! However, screen misuse or overuse can lead to harmful effects, especially among young people, who are more at risk. In collaboration with a committee of experts and a vast support network, PAUSE is an extensive resource to help Quebecers better cope with hyperconnectivity.

What is PAUSE?

PAUSE promotes balanced and mindful Internet and screen use to prevent the risks associated with hyperconnectivity. The campaign encourages young adults, children and their parents to take action to improve their digital habits so they can enjoy the advantages of the Internet, without experiencing its harmful effects. PAUSE is a useful and caring ally to ensure that technology is at our service (and not the other way around!) and to teach us how to break the habit of automatically connecting while reminding us of the importance of regularly putting our screens on “pause”.

PAUSE is a communication campaign as well as a year-round reference site providing information and tips as well as tools and resources for parents and professionals. Moreover, PAUSE organizes 24 h unplugging events and offers activities and initiatives for youth.

PAUSE aims to become a movement that encourages Quebecers to regain control of their screen use and prioritize positive connections that feel good.

Who is behind PAUSE?

The PAUSE campaign is an initiative of Capsana in partnership with the Government of Quebec and private partners and in collaboration with a committee of experts and a support network.

PAUSE is also in the field thanks to the precious collaboration of various schools and life settings that reach young people: universities, CEGEPs, vocational training centers, youth centers, summer camps, etc.

Capsana and the organizations involved in the PAUSE campaign include parents, young adults, and not so young ones, who also face the challenge of better managing their screen use. We are all affected by the risks of hyperconnectivity, thus the need for the campaign to provide quality information and tips that can be adapted to individual needs. What’s important is to talk about hyperconnectivity and to take action in our own way to promote our well-being.

The PAUSE team

PAUSE has relied on Capsana’s solid expertise in the creation of public campaigns promoting health and healthy habits for over 20 years. The PAUSE team is led by two passionate coordinators whose professional experience ensures expertise in the field of addiction prevention, a key asset to help everyone, young and old, find balance in a world full of screens.

Julie Mayer – project manager

For several years, Julie Mayer has been interested in the possible impacts of Internet and screen misuse and overuse in people’s lives. She holds a certificate in addiction studies from the University of Montréal and was able to apply her expertise as a prevention worker and trainer of support staff in various school settings, and later as coordinator of prevention programs at Maison Jean Lapointe. She has also worked with experts in the development and evaluation of a workshop on digital balance as well as in the creation of a conference for parents of teenagers. Now, as part of the PAUSE team, she is pursuing her vocation with the aim of helping families develop more mindful screen use that feels good.

Carolanne Campeau, M.I.T. – advisor, screen use risk prevention

Carolanne Campeau holds a master’s degree in addiction studies and is completing a research doctorate in health science focusing on addiction at the University of Sherbrooke. She focuses on addiction prevention and promotion of health and healthy habits. For several years, she worked at Maison Jean Lapointe on the delivery of the APT Addiction Prevention Integrative Strategy and trained education professionals in school settings. Carolanne is also a lecturer in the certificate program in addiction studies at the University of Sherbrooke since 2018. Both her background and many literature reviews on hyperconnectivity and digital habits among young people and adults make her one of the rare experts on the subject in Quebec, as well as a key member in the development and implementation of PAUSE.

Committee of experts

PAUSE is developed with the support of a committee of experts to provide credible content and interventions inspired by best practices. The committee includes specialists in the prevention of cyberaddiction and the promotion of healthy habits in young people.

Magali Dufour, Ph. D.

Committee president, associate professor in the Department of Psychology at UQAM, researcher at the Institut universitaire sur les dépendances, at the Centre de recherche Charles-Le Moyne, and with the HERMES team

Jean-François Biron, M.A.

Planning, programming and research officer on hyperconnectivity and gambling at the CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal, Direction régionale de santé publique

Sylvie R. Gagnon

Clinician-researcher in addiction, CISSS de Lanaudière, Addiction Rehabilitation Centre

Caroline Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.

Associate professor, Department of Preschool and Primary Education at the University of Sherbrooke and Canada Research Chair in Digital Media Use by Children and Its Implications for Promoting Togetherness: An Ecosystemic Approach

Anne Elizabeth Lapointe

Executive director of Maison Jean Lapointe (MJL) and of the Addiction Prevention Centre (APC)


PAUSE is a campaign made possible with the partnership of the Government of Quebec.

In Quebec, like everywhere else, the world of digital technologies is booming like never before. New tools are constantly being integrated into our daily lives and profoundly changing our relationship with others as well as with our environment. Even though this major change in habits generates considerable enthusiasm, it must also be accompanied by a reflection on the best practices to adopt as we all experience this great metamorphosis.

The Quebec government is therefore fully invested in the promotion of a balanced lifestyle among youth. It is proud to provide financial support to the PAUSE campaign, which aims to encourage sensible screen use and prevent the risks associated with hyperconnectivity. Young people are increasingly exposed to screens, and at an increasingly early age. The speed at which the technologies around us are evolving and the multiplication of the communication tools we use lead us to question our relationship with screens and how we use them.

This project is entirely consistent with other major government initiatives, such as the Plan d’action jeunesse 2021-2024 (Youth Action Plan 2021-2024; in French only) and the Plan d’action interministériel en dépendance 2018-2028 (Interministerial Action Plan on Addiction 2018-2028; in French only) led respectively by the Secrétariat à la jeunesse and the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the two key partners of the PAUSE campaign.

Youth are at the heart of the government’s decisions for the future of Quebec. It is therefore essential to continue guiding them so that they can enjoy a healthy and active life as well as take part in the growth of our communities.

Committed private partners

PAUSE continues to evolve thanks to the participation of private partners dedicated to contributing to the promotion of better online balance. To ensure the development of content free from the influence of our partners, PAUSE is committed to maintaining editorial independence.

In 1965, the first Renaud-Bray store opened its doors on Côte-des-Neiges Road in Montréal. Today, with over 30 outlets throughout Quebec, Renaud-Bray is the largest French-language bookstore chain in North America. At a time when screens are everywhere and are an integral part of our lives, Renaud-Bray is proud to partner with the PAUSE campaign to promote the benefits and variety of screen-free educational and recreational activities among Quebec families.

Since its foundation in 1896, Archambault has established itself as the largest retailer of musical instruments in Quebec. Over the years, it has diversified its offer with the addition of multimedia products, books, and assorted curios for the whole family. Archambault is proud to partner with the PAUSE campaign to showcase the wide variety of activities everyone, young and old, can enjoy without the use of screens. Play, read, make music.


PAUSE invites organizations and professionals to collaborate in the development of content, which allows us to feature diverse viewpoints.

A solutions-oriented media organization that focuses solely on climate action in Quebec, Unpointcinq offers inspiring stories, practical solutions, and original initiatives. The goal? To unpack this hot-button issue and propose concrete courses of action that are accessible to all. Scientific rigour is essential, but so is fun, interesting content! Website, Facebook, Instagram, so many options to explore!

Le CIEL’s mission is to start a conversation on the issues surrounding digital technology that affect our well-being, for a more positive relationship between people and digital technology. The foundation offers self-defence workshops for youth and explains the latest scientific knowledge on the online environment through conferences and its social media channels.

Amélie Cournoyer – Writer

Amélie holds a college diploma in art and media technology, written press specialization, from the Cégep de Jonquière and a bachelor’s degree in literary and cultural studies from the University of Sherbrooke. Freelance journalist since 2009, she has contributed articles to various print, TV and online media, including Coup de pouce, Le Devoir, Naître et grandir, Observatoire des tout-petits, Télé-Québec, and Unpointcinq. In 2014, she obtained the title of registered writer, which certifies her skills and excellent proficiency in written French. PAUSE collaborator since its inception, she contributes to content creation for the website.

Content terms of use

The PAUSE content (website, social media, newsletter, tools, presentations, etc.) is the intellectual property of Capsana. This content was developed with the support of funders, including the Government of Quebec, and in collaboration with a committee of experts, professionals and organizations.

In an effort to reach more people with awareness messages related to positive screen use, Capsana authorizes the use of PAUSE content under certain conditions. Here are the conditions and requirements:


  • The PAUSE content (including graphic and audiovisual elements) cannot be reproduced on another site (including an Intranet for a community), even if only excerpts are used and the source is cited (copying content is bad practice and detected as plagiarism by search engines).
  • Pages from the PAUSE website may be shared through clickable links on a website and PAUSE Facebook posts leading to the content may also be shared.
  • PAUSE content may be rewritten after obtaining prior written permission from Capsana and subject to approval of the adaptation before posting on a website.
  • The PAUSE content (including visual elements) can be used as is (in part or in sections) and without modification in a PDF tool (and not on a web page) upon agreement with Capsana. Every integration of PAUSE content into a tool must be validated by Capsana. Sources and creators must be clearly identified (wording to be determined with Capsana).
  • In some cases, upon agreement with Capsana, a PAUSE tool may be integrated into a website provided that it is clearly presented (outside a PDF) as a PAUSE tool (with a clickable link to the PAUSE website and with the logo if possible). Before the tool is shared on the website, Capsana must approve the integration of its tool and validate the visibility given to PAUSE.


  • The layout of the PAUSE PDF tools must remain as is, with no modifications or adaptations. The copyright protects the tools’ intellectual property (text and images). Under no circumstances can a tool’s content be used in a layout produced by someone other than Capsana.
  • It is prohibited to use the PAUSE brand, logos (basic logo as well as 24h logos) and content, in whole or in part, for commercial, lucrative or advertising purposes.

Any use that does not comply with PAUSE’s content terms of use is strictly prohibited under penalty of prosecution.

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