Initiatives for youth

PAUSE supports various life settings so they can offer youth awareness and prevention activities promoting healthy screen use. If you work in one of these settings, discover PAUSE’s dynamic offering and add digital balance to your program schedule!

PAUSE in day camps

The PAUSE Challenge – Summer camps invites camp counselors to reflect on their own relationship with screens and take up challenges with their campers (and indirectly, parents!) to improve their digital habits and unplug more often. All this through a fun approach that is not at all anti-tech!

The PAUSE Challenge – Summer camps is developed in collaboration with the Fondation Tremplin Santé, an organization whose mission is to promote healthy habits in camps.

The camps registered for the PAUSE Challenge will receive support materials, including a printable poster, a kit with 10 fun, ready-made activities to do with campers as well as templates of letters intended for camp staff and parents. There are also prizes to win!

During the summer of 2023, 191 camps participated, which represents over 11,650 campers aged 8 to 14 years and 2,513 counselors who met the PAUSE Challenge across the province.

To download the complete kit and find out more about the PAUSE Challenge – Summer camps, click here.

PAUSE in post-secondary school settings

PAUSE supports school teams in post-secondary settings (CEGEPs, universities, vocational training centers, etc.) who wish to act proactively to help students avoid the negative effects of hyperconnectivity and enjoy the benefits of screen use by adopting healthy digital habits. There are still many misconceptions about screen use, which is why it is important to have access to accurate information validated by experts.

The activities can be carried out at any time, but it is recommended to take advantage of the momentum of the provincial PAUSE communication campaign, which takes place in October-November. The PAUSE team can help settings develop their own activities or provide ready-to-use elements, such as:

  • the 24h of PAUSE unplugging event (3rd Sunday of November, with prizes to win!);
  • promotional materials (poster, text and images for social media, etc.).

In 2023 , 6 universities, 18 CEGEPs, 10 vocational training centers, 10 adult education centers and 17 high schools planned various actions to promote balanced screen use with the support of PAUSE. Several environments also promoted the 24h of PAUSE event to encourage young people to experience a day of unplugging in November.

To find out more about the 24h of PAUSE event and get support, send your request to [email protected].

PAUSE in community settings

PAUSE provides support to communities to promote balanced screen use and therefore prevent the risks associated with hyperconnectivity among people aged 15 to 29. To do so, the PAUSE team offers an activity sheet to facilitate the Are you hooked on tech? quiz with your groups. More ready-to-use tools are in the works. Stay tuned!

To find out more and get support, send your request to [email protected].

Discover the “For professionals” page: a helpful resource

The “For professionals” page offers many tools and fact sheets to help professionals from different settings engage with youth on the topic of hyperconnectivity to encourage screen use that feels good.

To discover the “For professionals” page, click here.