Benefits of screens

The positive effects of screens

Les bienfaits des écrans

We tend to focus more on the risks, but the Internet and screens provide many benefits and advantages. It’s important to remember that they were designed to make life easier and to entertain us! Here are a few benefits and advantages, for both young and old.

The positive physical effects of screens

There are a multitude of websites, video games, apps, and technological devices that help us adopt healthier habits and take care of our physical health by encouraging us to:

  • move;
  • do physical activity;
  • eat well and hydrate;
  • get enough sleep.

The positive psychological effects of screens

Several websites and apps promote mental health, namely by helping us:

  • improve our well-being;
  • manage our time;
  • develop our creativity;
  • relax and meditate;
  • get rid of a bad habit.

Technology also facilitates access to certain support services, for example:

  • support groups, forums and communities;
  • messaging services with qualified counselors;
  • online therapy services.

The positive effects of screens on social life

Social media, forums, blogs, and online educational content all:

  • contribute to the development of identity and social skills;
  • facilitate access to education;
  • increase exposure to different cultures;
  • foster inclusion and facilitate access to social support among young people belonging to marginalized subgroups.

Moreover, several educational shows encourage children and teenagers to:

  • develop positive attitudes (gratitude, respect, openness to diversity);
  • gain good social skills (tolerance, communication, empathy).

The case of video games

In general, playing video games can have positive effects. Namely, it encourages socializing with other players or with the community created around the game (e.g., forums, online communication tools). Video games with prosocial themes can even foster the development of good social skills.

For young people, playing video games can also become an opportunity to:

  • develop their creativity;
  • improve their visuo-spatial abilities;
  • gain knowledge;
  • practice problem-solving;
  • learn to deal with failure;
  • raise their awareness of certain social issues;
  • develop their sportsmanship;
  • get acquainted with certain IT tools and technological devices in general.

In short, for the Internet and screens to provide more advantages then disadvantages for you and members of your family, it’s important to strive for varied and balanced use.