Setting an example

Set an example

Set an example

As a parent, you have a big influence on your children or teens (yes, them too!). To reach a more balanced connectivity at home, there are several concrete steps you can take. Setting an example is undoubtedly the most important.

Be a good role model

To maintain credibility with your children, your words and actions have to be consistent. However, don’t strive for perfection! What is important is for everyone to work together to enjoy the advantages of the Internet and prevent screens from taking up too much space in your family.

Because you are and will always be your child’s first role model, they are very likely to imitate your habits. Just like for diet, alcohol and physical activity, nothing is better than setting a positive example… And this goes for all the adults at home!

Start by reflecting on your own Internet use by identifying your good habits and what you need to work on. Here are a few avenues for reflection:

  • Do I check my cell phone before stepping foot out of bed?
  • Do I often check my emails or texts in front of my children?
  • Do I look at my screen more than at my children when spending time with them or when attending one of their activities, such as a soccer game?
  • During family outings, am I really “present” or am I more “connected” to my cell phone?

Try to improve your digital habits by respecting your needs, values and family rules. Gradually regain control by limiting your screen time and focusing on quality content at appropriate times.