24h PAUSE Info and prize

PAUSE congratulates everyone who participated in 24h PAUSE, whether they managed to unplug for the whole day or not. We understand that in our hyperconnected world, setting screens aside for several hours is not always easy! But the important thing is to try it and aim for more mindful screen use.

The $1000 prize for the 2022 edition goes to… Mathéo Dubois! Congratulations!

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PAUSE invites you to participate in an unplugging experience: 24h PAUSE.


Every third Sunday of November. Registration is closed for the 2022 edition.


Personalize your experience by choosing 1 of the 4 following challenges:

  1. 24 hours screen-free (no phone, computer, tablet, console) for all recreational activities = the ULTIMATE challenge!
  2. 24 hours without social media
  3. 24 hours without video games (including games on your phone)
  4. 24 hours without streaming (including YouTube)

Cash prize!*

Still not sure it’s worth it? What if you could win $1000? $1000 to make an unplugged dream come true! Not bad, right?

*Draw is open to participants aged 16 to 29. See the rules.

$1000$ cash prize

What does 24 hours screen-free mean?

If you chose “24 hours screen-free”, namely the ULTIMATE challenge, you commit to:

  • not using screens (no phone, computer, tablet, TV, console);
  • for 1 whole day (from midnight to 11:59 p.m.);
  • for recreational purposes (during your free time).

If you absolutely need to use a screen to work or study that day, it’s not the end of the world, but try to use only one screen and to use it as little as possible!

Also, we know that screens have many practical uses in everyday life, and it’s not really this type of use you need to avoid for 24h. You can therefore use a device as needed to:

  • Listen to a podcast or music (prepare your playlist in advance!)
  • Turn on an alarm, for example to wake up
  • Use GPS, for example Google Maps
  • Call someone (but no texts or FaceTime!)

Why try it?

  • To think and act without constant outside distractions.
  • To become aware of the role screen use (social media, video games, streaming) plays in your life and readjust if needed.
  • To take a break to more consciously choose what you focus on online (and offline).
  • To try something new.

Not sure where to start?

We have tons of tips and advice to make sure your 24h goes great!
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